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Toboggan Ted

  1. Visit Toboggan Ted at Toboggan or Not Toboggan on Walrus Way
  2. Task: Get a Toboggan from the Cogs (The Brrrgh)
  3. Return to Toboggan Ted
  4. Visit Bumpy Noggin at Noggin's Toboggan Bargains on Sleet Street
  5. Task: Go fishing for 3 Ice Cubes (The Brrrgh)
  6. Return to Bumpy Noggin
  7. Visit Simian Sam at Lowbrow Snowplows on Sleet Street
  8. Task: Defeat five level 4+ Cog Buildings (Anywhere)
  9. Return to Simian Sam
  10. Visit Henry The Hazard at Skiing Clinic on Walrus Way
  11. Task: Defeat 20 level 7+ Cogs (Anywhere)
  12. Return to Henry The Hazard

Johnny Cashmere

  1. Visit Johnny Cashmere at The Sweater Lodge on Polar Place
  2. Task: Get some yarn from Lawbots (The Brrrgh)
  3. Return to Johnny Cashmere
  4. Task: Defeat 20 level 7+ Cogs (Anywhere)
  5. Return to Johnny Cashmere
  6. Task: Go fishing for Two Knitting Needles (Anywhere)
  7. Return Two Knitting Needles to Johnny Cashmere
  8. Task: Defeat five level 4+ story Cog Buildings (Anywhere)
  9. Return to Johnny Cashmere