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The Chairman
Basic information
Type: Supervisor
Attack information
Strongest attack: N/A
Lowest damage: N/A
Highest damage: N/A
Statistics based on attack damage.
Preceded by:

Director of Ambush Marketing

Succeeded by:


The Chairman is rumored to be the boss and leader of all Cogs. His appearance is unknown, although hints have been given in Doctor Surlee's blueprints (it is unknown if this is the Chairman or not). The Chairman was first mentioned by the Director of Ambush Marketing during Doomsday. In a document sent to "Sellbot Department 18-A", the Chairman states he will give Mover & Shakers "quality offices" for their exceptional work. Even though it was announced that the Chairman will make an appearance in the game, The Chairman was not released to Toontown Rewritten, and nobody knows when it will be released, however, it might be released when the Executive Office Tower releases after beta.


  • On April 19, 2014, during Doomsday, the Director of Ambush Marketing said "The Chairman won't be happy until you are."
  • On April 26, 2014, the Chairman's memo addressed to a "Sellbot Department 18-A" was shown, congratulating all the Cogs for their work and promising the Movers & Shakers their own quality offices.
  • In the June 26, 2014 blog post, one of Doctor Surlee's diary entries was used as evidence against him at his trial. When asked where he got the entry, the Chief Justice answered "The Chairman found quite a few things in that hunk of metal you call a 'Lab'". This possibly suggests that the Chairman is the same robot seen in the old Disney's Toontown Online download video, and went snooping in Doctor Surlee's lab after capturing Scrooge McDuck.
  • On the front picture of the Head Hunters Hunt for Team LHAAFBBHQ! blog post from March 6, 2015, a Head Hunter says "The Chairman will not accept failure."
  • In a letter sent to the Chief Financial Officer, the Chief Executive Officer states that the Chairman has approved his manufacturing plans. This may confirm that the Chairman is in charge of all Cogs, including the bosses.

Name Meaning

A Chairman is the presiding officer of a meeting, committee, board, etc.


  • In Toontown Online, the Chief Executive Officer said this just before being defeated: "No! The Chairman won't like this!". In Toontown Rewritten, the Director of Ambush Marketing is the Cog who mentioned the Chairman.
    • Several Cogs such as Name Droppers have mentioned the Chairman by saying "Even the Chairman knows my name". However, the phrase itself has been changed to only mention "the boss".
  • While Doctor Surlee was put on trial, he asked the Chief Justice where he got his blueprints and the Chief Justice mentioned that the Chairman found them in Doctor Surlee's lab.
  • It was hinted by Sir Max in a livestream that the Chairman was part of Toontown Rewritten's story and not just a rumor.
  • The Chairman's face was hinted to be the Cog face when you enter Sellbot Factory, however this is not confirmed.
  • The Chairman may be a Bossbot due to his superiority.
    • Although he may not have a type or be a unique type like the Director of Ambush Marketing, it is also possible he is a Skelecog. However, none of this has been confirmed to be true as of yet.
  • It is still not determined when the Chairman is revealed if he will be the final endgame for Toontown Rewritten, or if he will be a new bigger threat to the world of Toontown.
  • At one point in Toontown Online, a video played while installing that portrayed how Cogs were created. It depicted Scrooge McDuck visiting his old friend and inventor Gyro Gearloose. Upon his visit, he saw a tall robot (the very first build of the Cogs) with a written paper saying "Do Not Touch!". Thinking that this robot could help the citizens of Toontown and make him a lot of money, he dismissed the warning and made contact. It then went haywire and spawned other Cogs. It is rumored that this robot is possibly the Chairman.
  • The Chairman is rumored to be in Cog Nation, which was also a rumor in Toontown Online.
  • The Chairman has a MINGLERMAIL account.
  • In a MINGLERMAIL memo from the Chairman to The Big Cheese (see gallery below), Slappy is referred to as "the duck".
  • The Chairman could be located at the Executive Office Tower in Bossbot Headquarters.
    • Due to Slappy not giving any information about the Toons or their operations, the Chairman said that further misaction will result in an executive meeting at the Executive Office Tower.
  • At OMG!Con 2015, it was confirmed that the Chairman will most likely make an appearance in the game.


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