Professor Prepostera grey

The Grey is an area located in every playground, street, or a Toon Building. It appears out of bounds of the maps, behind the walls, and nearly everywhere else where a Toon is not supposed to get through normal gameplay. The Grey can thus only be entered by using glitches, hacks, or exploits. The Grey is endless, and a Toon that somehow made their way in can keep going forever and not find anything. In a Super Saturday update on March 30, 2014, Sir Max announced that an elephant named Paul escaped from the Toon Headquarters and made "elephant holes" everywhere, which were entrances leading to the Grey. Since then, the alpha testers were asked to find more elephant holes and report them, because they were unintentional bugs.


  • In Toontown Online, a few sections of streets had fences that could be walked through.
  • During Alpha, Slappy mentioned to the player riding his hot air balloon that the Grey is one of the many things that bewilders him and wonders what secrets it holds.
  • On the Toontown Rewritten website, Professor Prepostera made a blog post about the Grey, describing it as an unnatural place and an outstanding creative approach, yet pesky way to bypass security in Cog facilities. He also made a previous blog post introducing the research project.
    • At the same time, the Grey can also be described as a major glitch in the game.
  • In a Q&A livestream hosted by Slate on March 24, 2014, Sir Max confirmed that the Grey is a canon location.
  • If you jump while in the Grey, you will jump and then hover in mid-air in the jumping pose until you come into contact with a surface again.
  • The sky or background can still be seen in the Grey.


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