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This page contains information about content that may no longer have any relevance to Toontown Rewritten. However, it is important to remember that the content revealed on said page can be based on the game's storyline.
Toon Council Presidential Elections
Toon Council Presidential Elections

February 17, 2014 - April 19, 2014

The Toon Council Presidential Elections was a major event where Slappy and Flippy were in competition with one-another to become the official president of the Toon Council.

The Election

14-2-16 alec-tinn

Alec Tinn in front of a pedestal during the elections

For more information about the election, see Doomsday.

Before the election, Doctor Surlee stood outside, welcoming the Toons. Once the election began, Alec Tinn, Flippy, and Slappy walked outside from Toon Hall and approached the stage. Flippy and Slappy then began their welcoming speeches. After that, Alec Tinn started the Grand Electoral Counters, revealing the winner: Slappy.

The Ceremony

Sir Max revealed that Toons would be split up into districts to minimize crowds. Districts were able to sustain 20 Toons before becoming full, and friends can teleport into the district until it hits 30. This was later learned to be put in place to balance teams for Doomsday itself. Toontown Rewritten's official YouTube channel streamed the live event, however many others did as well.

Flippy's Campaign

Flippy was Slappy's opponent for the election. His campaign tactics included:

Slappy's Campaign

Slappy was Flippy's opponent for the election. His campaign tactics included:

Electoral Updates & Campaigns

The election took place from February 17, 2014 to April 19, 2014, and each candidate hosted their own daily campaigns each consecutive day. It depended which candidate hosted them, but usually one of them picked up where the other left off. The following are the list of campaigns and electoral updates that took place over the course of the election:


  • The development name for the election was known as "Doomsday".
  • In the official script, Flippy's opponent was referred to as "Floppy" due to Slappy's character not being made yet. 
  • The decorations for the election included new 3D models and textures, made by June, Slate Blue Rabbit, Joshsora, and debuting Roger Dog and Zigguratxnaut. These models and textures were unique to Toontown Rewritten.
  • In the February 22, 2014 Electoral Update, Slappy and Flippy's campaign stands were animated due to pre-election jitters. This was the first time Toontown Rewritten debuted animated objects, besides the animated telescope on the Toon Headquarters in Toontown Central.
  • In the February 28, 2014 Electoral Update, Alec Tinn announced the start of voting, but also the voting limit was extended to two weeks, which means the election was delayed until March 15, 2014. Then later on the March 14, 2014 Electoral Update, Sir Max announced that the election has been delayed once again by a week and March 22, 2014 was the date. Due to server issues on March 22, the election was delayed once again and was finally put out on April 19, 2014.
  • In theory, the storyline would have likely changed if Flippy was the one who won the election and went sad.
  • The election was when the Cogs made their first appearance in general at Toontown Central.
  • The election included interactive NPCs: Slappy, Flippy, Alec Tinn, Doctor Surlee, Doctor Dimm and Professor Prepostera. However, Doctor Dimm and Professor Prepostera did not have speaking roles.
  • Slappy is considered the official winner of the election. Due to Slappy's absence, Flippy has been chosen as president by Alec Tinn and Doctor Surlee because he is the only leader left. However, Flippy once stated that he will be temporary president until Slappy returns.
  • Slappy had 5 gimmicks for his campaign and Flippy only had 3, which could have been the reason that Slappy won the votes of many people.
  • The original campaign stands of both Flippy and Slappy had play on words with alliteration and rhymes. Flippy's stand said "Busy Baking" while Slappy's stand had "Busy Banking."
  • During one of his balloon rides, Slappy said that if he was elected president, he would remove those cardboard cutouts in the background of Toontown Central. However, it is unknown if anything will be done.
  • Roger Dog "leaked" two MP4s of animations for the campaign stands in the #toontownrewritten IRC channel, which includes the untextured election prop animation and "play dead" state of Slappy's stand. Links to the videos reposted on the MMO Central Forums can be found here and here.
  • At the time when ToonFest 2014 started, brand new clothes were released in terms of how long you played Toontown Rewritten. One of the brand new clothes are Flippy and Slappy's Doomsday Survivor shirts. Everyone who played the game during Alpha received these shirts by typing the codes in the Shticker Book "flip-for-flippy" and "dont-be-wacky".
  • As stated in a backstage blog post and during OMG!Con 2015, Joey announced that they purposefully tried to make Slappy the better candidate by giving him the new content. This was done to make Slappy win the election because they did not want Flippy to go sad.



After the election ended, the camera zoomed into a portal and showed the credits. The credits included all the contributors to the Ceremony and what their purpose in the team is. When the credits finished, a message would come up on the screen telling you that the game was now closed until Beta. Several of the developers had silly captions mostly related to blog posts published by them. (For example, Hawkheart was listed as the Fish Bingo Controller. This is a direct reference to the blog post The Tale of the Fish Bingo Controller).

All the credits can be seen at the end of the election livestream around 3:04:09.

Toontown Rewritten Credits

Shockley Credits
Sir Max Credits
McQuack Credits
Hawkheart Credits
Fat McStink Credits
Hamlet Credits
Muddy Paws Credits
Goshi Credits
J.C. Credits
Capt. Sandy Credits
Boo Boo Credits
Slate Credits
Joyful Roxy Credits
Too Many Secrets Credits
Roger Dog Credits
Flippy Cheezer Credits
Scooter Credits
Joshsora Credits
Cool Peaches Credits
Jethred Credits
Disney Online Credits
VR Studio Credits
Jaymo Credits
Alpha Tester Credits


Introducing Alec Tinn
EE intro
Announcing the Winner of the Election
EE Announcement
An Unexpected Interruption
An Unexpected Interruption
Positive Reinforcement
Positive Reinforcement
Doomsday Battle Music
Doomsday Battle Music
Doomsday Victory Music
Doomsday Victory Music
Ending the Election
Ending the Election


The Toon Council Presidential Elections - FORMERLY LIVE!03:06:16

The Toon Council Presidential Elections - FORMERLY LIVE!

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