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Toon Hall
Ice Cream Cone
Basic information
Shopkeeper: Flippy
Playground: Toontown Central
Toon Hall Location

The Toon Hall is a Toon Building located at Toontown Central. It is the town hall of Toontown, and is currently under construction to be completely redesigned. The players can visit Flippy's office at the moment, however, it will be replaced later on. The Toon Hall is supposed to house an office for Flippy, Lord Lowden Clear, and the Silly Meter.


  • Toon Hall's front wall was covered in black lines during the Toon Council Presidential Elections. This was likely due to a graphical bug.
  • Alec Tinn, Flippy, and Slappy walked out of Toon Hall during the elections. However, the door did not open and they walked through it. This was hardly visible because of the elections stage, however.
  • On April Toons Week, gravitational mishaps and silly levels were too high, making the Toon Hall float.
  • During Operation: Storm Sellbot Headquarters, a bug occurred that made Flippy stand next to the doors, instead of behind his counter.
  • In Welcome Valley, the interior design of the Toon Hall is different to elsewhere in other districts.
  • Several concept arts of the new Toon Hall were shown in a presentation at OMG!Con 2015 during the ToonFest panel.
  • The original Toon Hall from Toontown Online made an appearance in Virtual Reality showcased at OMG!Con 2016.


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