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Toon Hall
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Basic information
Shopkeeper: Flippy
Playground: Toontown Central
Toon Hall Location

The Toon Hall is a Toon Building located at Toontown Central. It is the town hall of Toontown, and is currently under construction to be completely redesigned in order to house the Silly Meter and a brand new office for Lord Lowden Clear.[1] Until the Toon Hall finishes its reconstruction, Toons may visit Flippy's temporary office.


  • The Toon Hall's front wall was covered in black lines during the Toon Council Presidential Elections. This was likely due to a graphical bug.
    • Strangely, Alec Tinn, Flippy, and Slappy also walked out of the Toon Hall by simply passing through the door without opening.
  • During Operation: Storm Sellbot Headquarters, a bug occurred that made Flippy stand next to the doors rather than behind his counter.
  • The Toon Hall is one of the many buildings from Toontown Central that floats up due to the gravitational anomalies on April Toons Week.
  • In Welcome Valley, the interior design of the Toon Hall is different compared to elsewhere in other districts.
  • Several concept arts of the new Toon Hall were shown in a presentation at OMG!Con 2015.
  • The original Toon Hall from Toontown Online made an appearance in Virtual Reality showcased at OMG!Con 2016.




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