Toon Headquarters, commonly abbreviated as Toon HQ, are buildings located in every playground and every street excluding Chip 'n Dale's Acorn Acres and Goofy Speedway. Inside the building, four NPC Toons offer ToonTasks for rewards.

Howdy! (Daisy Gardens)

Oh, Surlee sent you? Keep this key safe, he said it's going to be important later on.

HQ Officer

The word is 'Springy Partlicles' -- Whatever that means.

HQ Officer


The Toon Headquarters exterior varies between the neighborhoods. The ones in Toontown Central appear to be made of red bricks, have a firefighter hat with "FIRE CHIEF" written on it. The ones in Donald's Dock appear to be small boats with sailor hats on them. The ones found in Daisy Gardens are shaped after gardening cans with a purple bowl hat on top of them. The ones in Minnie's Melodyland appear to be based off both small radios and music studios. The ones located in The Brrrgh are igloos with winter hats on them. The ones in Donald's Dreamland are star observatories with a telescope that is focused at the sky, and also wears a sleeping hat.


The Toon Headquarters all have one interior design, the only difference being the HQ Officers working there and the music. The interior is octagonal shape, with a lab-like test chamber, two doorways, and five blackboards. One blackboard has the Toon Platoon showing the top ten Toons with the most points for recovered Cog buildings. The four other chalkboards display machine concepts, including things such as a banana-peeling machine and "Super Squirting Flowers". There is a square booth in the middle with sirens in the middle; this where the HQ Officers stand.


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