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Unreleased Content

This page contains information relating to something which has not been released on Toontown Rewritten. Be wary when reading, as there may be misleading information or spoilers.

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Fat McStink's greatest party in the Tooniverse

Toon Parties is where Toons can come together to play, make new friends, and most importantly: have a toontastic time. Toons can walk up to a party gate and click one of the existing parties and then teleport to it. Toons can also earn jellybeans by playing some party games. Parties are 30 minutes long. As of now, Toons cannot plan parties as it is not released in the game.

Decorations and party games

The following are the prices for decorations and party games:

  • Party Cannons: 50 jellybeans each
  • Trampolines: 50 jellybeans each
  • Jukebox - 20 songs: 50 jellybeans (one only)
  • Jukebox - 40 songs: 100 jellybeans (one only)
  • Dance Floor - 10 moves: 100 jellybeans (one only)
  • Dance Floor - 20 moves: 200 jellybeans (one only)
  • Decorations: 10 - 25 jellybeans each
  • Party Clock: 100 jellybeans (required to start a party)
  • Party Catch: 300 jellybeans (one only)
  • Tug of War: 200 jellybeans (one only)
  • Cog-O-War: 300 jellybeans (one only)

Note: You are unable to obtain the 20 song jukebox and 40 song jukebox at the same time, or the 10 move dance floor and 20 move dance floor at the same time.


Toons can host parties by walking up to a Party Planner and they will ask if you want to host a party. This costs 100 jellybeans. When a Toon is making a party, they can decorate it by placing decorations anywhere they would like them to be on the party grounds. Once the Toon is finished, he or she will be asked to plan the party. The Toon then has to set the time the party will be going on (Pacific Time), then picks which Toons to send invitations to. The Toon selects the theme of the invitation, and the invitations are then sent to the selected Toon's mailboxes.

You can also select if the party will be private or public. Private means only Toons you select can come; public means anyone can come. Be sure to be cautious about picking public, as people can come and perhaps spam with annoyance.


Main article: Fireworks

Fireworks are activated when the host of the party pulls down a lever on the rocket launch pad. This will make the rocket fire into the air, making fireworks. Toons at the party can press the PGUP key (Windows) or fn+Up (Mac) to look up and view the fireworks.


  • Tug of War in parties is similar to the Trolley game, Tug of War, except you can play 4 against 4 and you can't play this against the Cogs. In either version of the game, you can compete with and against other Toons.
  • Fireworks have been shown to be very popular in Toontown Online, because people would often times beg the owner of the party to implement fireworks.
  • A backstage blog post written by Hawkheart indicates that parties will most likely be the next major update implemented to Toontown Rewritten, as there is only a few steps away from releasing. The previous major update was golfing.


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