Toon Platoon

The Toon Platoon is a board in Toon Headquarters. It lists the top ten currently online Toons and how many cog building floors they have defeated. If a Toon defeats a certain number of cog buildings, they will get a star. Each floor grants one point.

If a building that a Toon has rescued is taken over by the Cogs, the Toon loses credits to that building. If the Toon switches districts, the credits do not travel over as each district has its own Toon Platoon.


This table lists the minimum number of buildings required to obtain a star.
Star One Story Two Stories Three Stories Four Stories Five Stories
Bronze (10 Floors) 10 5 4 3 2
Spinning Bronze (20 Floors) 20 10 7 5 4
Silver (30 Floors) 30 15 10 8 6
Spinning Silver (50 Floors) 50 25 17 13 10
Gold (75 Floors) 75 38 25 19 15
Spinning Gold (100 Floors) 100 50 34 25 20

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