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Toontown Central
Ice Cream Cone
Basic information
Treasure: Ice Cream Cone
Population: 79 toons
Number of buildings: 108
Silly StreetElm Street, Daisy Gardens
Loopy LaneAlto Avenue, Minnie's Melodyland
Punchline PlaceBarnacle Boulevard, Donald's Dock
Goofy Speedway
Cog information
Minimum level: 1
Maximum level: 3
Maximum building stories: 3 floors
Data is by normal gameplay.
Toontown Central Map
Media files
TC nbrhood

Toontown Central, commonly abbreviated to TTC, is a neighborhood located in the center of Toontown. It is connected to Goofy Speedway, Daisy Gardens, Donald's Dock and Minnie's Melodyland. Toontown Central is the playground where new Toons begin their journey after leaving the Toon-torial, and it is the first playground that Toons work in.

The Trolley Games in this neighborhood are the easiest, but give the least jellybeans. The Doodles that can be bought at the Toontown Central Pet Shop are the most stubborn and often get tired. The Doodle prices are the same as in Donald's Dock, but those get tired less often and tend to listen more. Doodles are currently unavailable in Toontown Rewritten right now, but may be implanted in an upcoming update.


Toontown Central is designed to be the center of humor, jokes, and silliness in Toontown.

  • It is a lush green meadow.
  • It is home to many Toons and buildings such as the Toontown Library, Toontown Bank, Toontown School House, and Toon Hall.
  • The Toon Buildings are designed to be colorful.
  • The Toon Headquarters in the playground resemble fire stations, indicated with the words "Fire Chief" written across a firefighter's hat roof.
  • There are several points-of-interest across the neighborhood's playground: the Hollywood-like Toontown sign in the playground's background and a gazebo located in the center of the playground along with a fishing pond and a bridge.
  • Butterflies can also be seen flying around at certain locations in the playground. The entire playground itself, when viewed from above, resembles the head of Mickey Mouse.
  • Bird chirps are randomly heard in the background music.



Toontown Central has three streets:

Streets main purposes are to house buildings and connect neighborhoods, as well as providing a place to battle the Cogs. In Toontown Central's case, the Cogs are designed to be weak so new Toons could get used to Cog battling or to train newly owned gags.


  • The Toon Headquarters in Toontown Central used to not have a telescope, but now it does.
    • Toontown Central is the only playground besides for Donald's Dreamland to have a telescope, while all of the others have periscopes.
  • In Toontown Online, Mickey Mouse would be found here talking to Toons. In Toontown Rewritten, Mickey is absent due to copyright reasons.
  • Toontown Central was the only playground decorated for the Toon Council Presidential Elections.
  • The only time the Toontown Central playground was invaded by Cogs was during Doomsday. Though the Alpha Testers couldn't see it, the Cogs invading the other playgrounds were kept at bay by NPCs like Lil Oldman, Professor Flake, Coach Zucchini, and Shep Ahoy (in TTR canon). The Cogs have stayed out of the playgrounds ever since.
  • The Toontown Central playground is in the shape of Mickey Mouse's head.
  • It is the only neighborhood to have Level one cogs.
  • Toontown Central has a noticeable lack of cog buildings outside of Cog Invasions, likely because it has a lot of weak players who wouldn't be ready for them.
  • During Winter, a Christmas tree is put in the centre of the playground. It is unique, as it is the only playground that has a Christmas tree.
  • Vibrant Valley's Toontown Central is a common get-together location for many Toons, where game shows, dating shows, and general discussions take place. While it can be a great place to chat and socialize, most of the game's haters, trolls, and occasional exploiters love to flock here to cause misery and mayhem. Because such, it has garnered bad reputation from some of the Toontown Rewritten community. Caution is recommended before going here.


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