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Toontown Central Teleport Access Granted

A toon receiving teleport access to Toontown Central.

This is a page featuring a list of the ToonTasks that are required to do in Toontown Central.

The Toon-torial

Main article: Toon-torial

The Toon-torial is the introduction and the beginning of how to play Toontown Rewritten. The player learns the basics of the game: about how to move their Toon, gags, cog battles, ToonTasks, Toon HQs, the Shticker Book, and how to chat.


Gag Training

Animation Frames

Toons will need to complete ToonTasks for 16 animation frames of the gag track that they chose to train. 

Important Tasks

Laff Boosts

Total Laff Boost: +11 Laff

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