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Toontown Online, commonly abbreviated as TTO, was an MMORPG created by The Walt Disney Company that was released on June 2, 2003 and lasted until its closure on September 19, 2013. Ever since the closure, many people of the Toontown community began working on bringing back the game in the form of "private servers". One of the most populated private servers is known as Toontown Rewritten, which started development without its existence being known as soon as Toontown Online announced on August 20, 2013 that the game was going to close.

Notable memories

Charlie Begs to Save Toontown

Charlie is one of the many people who felt extremely saddened when they heard Toontown Online was no longer going to live. Charlie's dad recorded the above YouTube video of his speech in hopes that it would catch Disney's attention and make them realize how hurtful it is for Toontown Online to close. While Charlie did not receive his wish, a few months later he was given a special surprise. When Toontown Rewritten was in Alpha, Joey gave Charlie an alpha key to gain access and become a tester.

According to Toontown Rewritten in their F.A.Q. (or "About") page on their website, the reason their game exists is because of people like Charlie who genuinely loved Toontown Online. The staff members of Toontown Rewritten say they are not in it to gain money or fame. They believe that Disney deserves the real credit, and have decided to only sustain the game as a gift to the Toontown community.[1]


Toontown 2003 Commercial USA - Long Version

Toontown 2003 Commercial USA - Long Version

The above YouTube video is an example of the many advertisements Disney created for Toontown Online. Toontown Rewritten created their very first advertisement titled "Toontown Ad: Doing Things Differently", which is remotely inspired by Disney's version in its own special way. Joey, the creator of Toontown Rewritten, was a very big fan of Toontown Online. He probably saw Charlie's video and decided to create Toontown Rewritten. Three cheers for Joey!




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