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This page contains information relating to something which has not been released on Toontown Rewritten. Be cautious when reading, as there may be misleading information or spoilers!

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Toontown Rerigged is a project focusing on making new Toon rigs for Toontown Rewritten so that new Toon animations can be made without having to remake the old animations.[1] Having the project being a major topic at OMG!Con 2016, its name was announced. The project's existence was previously announced on Twitter in April 18, 2016.

Zigguratxnaut, also known as Ziggy or Flippy Cheezer, made the new Toon rigs for Toontown Rerigged.[2] Other 3D animators such as Roger Dog and Captain McCrunchy already made test animations that were shown off at OMG!Con—one of a Toon walking, and one of a Toon running and stopping.

Later in September 16, 2016, Ziggy wrote a backstage blog post analyzing how it all works when acting out animation.[3] The first new Toon animations from Toontown Rerigged may make their debut during ToonFest 2016 or shortly after.


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