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This page contains information relating to something which has not been released on Toontown Rewritten. Be cautious when reading, as there may be misleading information or spoilers!

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Toontown Retextured is an upcoming texture overhaul for Toontown Rewritten.[1] The update is set to revamp in-game textures. There has been no announcement as to when the update will be released.


  • Toontown Retextured was a major topic at OMG!Con 2015.
  • Although there is not current estimated date of release, the artists at Toontown Rewritten believe the release will not be in 2016.
  • The artists have announced every retextured texture will be released in one update.
  • Users will have the option to use the new textures.
    • The textures will not not be released as a texture pack. There will be an On/Off switch.
  • There may be a subdivision of Toontown Retextured called "Toontown Remodeled" focusing on remodeling old models to fit with the new style of textures.
  • During OMG!Con 2016, attendees were able to play a retextured version of The Brrrgh.
    • As later revealed in a backstage blog post on September 4, 2016[2], everyone from the Toontown community can get a glimpse at the retextured version of The Brrrgh.[3]
  • The artists stated at OMG!Con 2016 that the project will probably not be released until after Beta.
  • Other aspects of the project include retexturing the look of Toons, clothing/accessories, gags, and turning 2D objects into 3D.


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