The Toontown Rewritten Team, which includes developers, artists, composers, translators, and moderators, are individuals who are responsible for making Toontown Rewritten the way it is today. Below are all staff members listed by different departments of development, including a list of former staff members. Keep in mind that trial staff members are excluded until they have met the requirements to be part of the team. This page will be updated whenever new information within the team comes by.


When a staff member is present in-game, they are usually identified by a blue icon with an eye, normally during special events or on rare occasions. By clicking the question mark button on their Toon panel, information about cast members is revealed. Their Toon ID is always labeled "STAFF MEMBER" if they have their icon enabled, but can generate a random Toon ID upon disabling the icon like all regular players have.

For a list of Toontown Rewritten Wiki staff members, visit here.

Current Staff


  • blindsight - General Programmer
  • cfsworks - Technical Operations
  • Cosmos - Technical Operations
  • Hawkheart - Game Programmer
  • jjkoletar - Technical Operations

Public Relations

  • Joey - Public Relations Lead, Community Manager
  • TheRandomDog


  • Roger Dog - Art Director, Technical Artist
  • Slate - Art Director, Texture Artist
  • Cheesy - Texture Artist
  • Cool Peaches - Composer
  • Captain Lollipop - 3D Modeler
  • June - Brand Designer
  • Lost Hero - Texture Artist
  • Sweet - Technical Artist, 3D Modeler
  • Yorke - Composer
  • Zigguratxnaut - Technical Artist, 3D Modeler


  • Alpha Centauri - German Translator

Moderators and Support


  • Joann - Moderation Lead
  • Technicolor - Moderation Lead
  • Augie Doodle
  • Avril
  • Azure Swallowtail
  • Dream Believer
  • Elysium
  • GoodKnight
  • Marker
  • Mr. Mango
  • Random
  • Rhyme
  • rockinrocky
  • Sheriff Bonkers
  • Sniffleflinger
  • Superscooter
  • Tae
  • Twilight McNight
  • Wyl


  • singingkat1978 - Support Lead
  • TheBaconMan - Support Lead
  • Allison
  • Daniel
  • Flotsam
  • Jenny
  • Peanut Crinkledoodle

Former Staff

  • Anth - Developer, Mac Launcher Developer
  • AC-Town - Server Admin
  • alexnewtron - Moderator/Support
  • AlJaMa - Astron Developer
  • Brian - Support
  • Boo Boo - Art Director, Texture Artist
  • Flapjack - Support
  • Gwen - Support
  • Goshi - French Translator
  • Garfieldo - 3D Artist, Concept Artist
  • Harv - Technical Operations
  • Joshsora - 3D Modeler
  • Jethred - Theme Song Composer
  • John - Moderator
  • Kitteh - Moderator/Support
  • Lemondrop - Support
  • Lenon - Portuguese Moderator
  • LukeWarm74 - Web Programmer
  • Lisosaurus - Moderation Leader
  • Mariann - Support
  • MidnitePurr - Support
  • MrsLukeWarm74 - Support
  • MatthewH12 - Moderator
  • Nugget - 3D Modeler
  • OperationToonUp - Moderator/Support
  • Prince - Support
  • Phantom47722 - Public Relations
  • Piranha2021 - Concept Artist
  • Queen Kitkat - Support
  • Royal Fuzzypeach - Support
  • rockyrewritten - Moderator/Support
  • Riot - Moderation Lead
  • Sergeant Star - Support
  • Sempiternal - Support
  • Sundae - Texture Artist & 2D Animator
  • Smokey - Trial Email Support
  • Shnutzer - Polish Translator
  • Scootz - Public Relations
  • TooManySecrets - Developer
  • TopGwen - Graphic Designer
  • VeniVidiVici - Moderator/Support
  • Zigz1 - Polish Translator


  • In a pre-alpha video of the very first gameplay of Toontown Rewritten, Goshi was a pig and Hawkheart was a mouse. Their Toons are now a horse and a cat, respectively.
  • Joshsora left the team because he no longer wanted to model. However, his model of the election stage and Toon TV were featured in the Toon Council Presidential Elections.
  • Roger Dog was not a staff member during an event known as "Roger Dog Day". He joined the team soon after to help create props for the Toon Council Presidential Elections.
  • Most members of the team used to have a yellow icon, green icon, and blue icon. Toon Troopers are identified by their yellow icon, Resistance Rangers (also known as members from the Toon Resistance) are identified by their green icon, and staff members are identified by their blue icon.
    • During Alpha, the old blue icon with a wifi symbol known as "Get Connected" was used. A brand new blue icon with an eye had replaced the wifi icon.
  • June, a brand designer for Toontown Rewritten, made a behind-the-scenes video based on the creation of Slappy's hot air balloon, which can be seen here.

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