This page lists the moderators of Toontown Rewritten Wiki. It also displays additional information about the moderators. If you wish to contact a moderator, you should leave a message on their message wall.

What is a moderator?

A moderator, identified with a green name-tag, is a user who has access to a few additional functions. Moderators can:

  • Delete and undelete pages and page histories, as well as uploaded files.
  • Block anonymous and registered users from editing.
  • Revert vandalism in one-click with the rollback feature.
  • Kick or ban users from the chat room.

List of moderators

There are currently no moderators.

You can view additional information in relation to users with moderator access here. The information provided on this page includes the location, time zone, and status of the moderator.

  • Active - These users regularly contribute to the wiki. You should contact an active moderator, administrator, or the VSTF if you require emergency assistance, such as reporting a vandal.

  • Partially Active - These users occasionally contribute to the wiki.

  • Inactive - These users rarely or never contribute to the wiki. If a moderator is persistently inactive, they are at risk of being demoted.

  • Unavailable - These users are permitted temporary future inactivity, and should not be contacted for assistance.

Username User Pages Rights Promotion Location Status

Becoming a moderator

You can request to become a moderator here. You may also request to become a rollback or an administrator. Responses to applications will be sent as soon possible.

What should moderators do?

Moderators are highly trusted users who are given abilities to prevent vandalism. A moderator is expected to be active, and ensure vandalism is kept minimal. If you notice a moderator misusing their abilities, report them to an active bureaucrat or other moderator immediately by sending them a message on their message wall.

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