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This page lists the rollbacks (also known as rollbackers) of Toontown Rewritten Wiki. It also displays additional information about the rollbacks. If you wish to contact a rollbacker, you can leave a message on their message wall.

What is a Rollbacker?

Rollbackers have access to a few additional functions. They can be identified with a red name-tag. The only ability a rollbacker can do is perform a very quick "rollback" of undesirable edits.

List of Rollbackers

You can view additional information in relation to users with rollback access here.


  • Active - These users regularly contribute to the wiki.

  • Partially Active - These users occasionally contribute to the wiki.

  • Inactive - These users rarely or never contribute to the wiki. If a rollback is persistently inactive, they are at risk of being demoted.

  • Unavailable - These users are permitted temporary future inactivity, and should not be contacted for assistance.

Username User Pages Promotion Location Status
UrbanPie950 Message Wall · Blog · Contributions · Edit count · Public logs April 16, 2016 United Kingdom (GMT) Active

How is the Rollback function used?

The "rollback" function allows rollbackers to revert an edit in one-click. The reverted edit(s) will not be visible on the Special:WikiActivity page.

Becoming a Rollbacker

You can request to be a rollbacker here. You must meet all the requirements to apply. You may also apply to be a moderator or administrator.

What can Rollbackers not do?

Rollbacks are normal users with the ability to "rollback" an edit. They are seen as trusted members of the community. If you notice a rollbacker misusing their privilege, you should report them to an administrator.

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