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This page contains information relating to something which has not been released on Toontown Rewritten. Be cautious when reading, as there may be misleading information or spoilers!

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Translating the Tooniverse is an upcoming brand new feature for Toontown Rewritten.[1] The update is set to make the game become available for many different languages in order to truly unite all Toons. When the update arrives, Toontown Rewritten will be internationally available to everyone, starting with French, German, and Polish languages. There has been no announcement as to when the update will be released.


  • Translating the Tooniverse was a major topic at OMG!Con 2015.
    • There, Shockley described how the translation would be primarily used to allow multi-language conversation through SpeedChat Plus. When a user selects a phrase, the phrase will be translated to the user's preferred language.
  • Goshi maintained French, Alpha Centauri maintained German, and Shnutzer maintained Polish. Although Goshi and Shnutzer are no longer on the team, they likely finished their work on translation before leaving.
  • Translating the Tooniverse will only translate SpeedChat Plus phrases and other in-game text. Chat will only be available in English to prevent confusion.
  • Upon the release, SpeedChat Plus could be completely reworked and expanded to allow full conversations.


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