Trap is a Gag Track that has perfect accuracy. However, Lure is required for it to work. First, a Trap Gag is placed on the ground in front of the targeted Cog. Then, Lure must be used to bring the Cog into the Trap. Trap is second in the Gag lineup during a battle round, following Toon-Up and preceding Lure. Toons cannot place Trap Gags on Cogs that have already been Lured.

Trap Gags increase the accuracy of Lure Gags when used in the same round on the same Cog(s).

A Toon can obtain this Gag Track from ToonTasks. It is first available in Minnie's Melodyland, and if not chosen, is then available (For the last time) in The Brrrgh.


Icon Banana Peel Rake Marbles Quicksand Trapdoor TNT Railroad
Name Banana Peel Rake Marbles Quicksand Trapdoor TNT Railroad
Damage 10-12 18-20 30-35 45-50 60-70 90-180 195
Organic Boost 11-13 19-22 33-38 49-55 66-77 99-198 214
Affects One Cog One Cog One Cog One Cog One Cog One Cog All Cogs
Skill Points Needed 0 20 100 800 2,000 6,000 10,000
propAcc 100 100 100 100 100 100 100

One-Hit Trap Combinations

Level 1 Cogs

  • Any Trap gag

Level 2 Cogs

  • 1 Banana Peel (12 Damage)
  • 1 Organic Banana Peel (12-13 Damage)
  • 1 Level 2+ Trap gag

Level 3 Cogs

  • 1 Rake (20 Damage)
  • 1 Organic Rake (20-22 Damage)
  • 1 Level 3+ Trap gag

Level 4 Cogs

  • 1 Level 3+ Trap gag

Level 5 Cogs

  • 1 Level 4+ Trap gag

Level 6 Cogs

  • 1 Level 5+ Trap gag

Level 7 Cogs

  • 1 Organic Trapdoor (72-77 Damage)
  • 1 Level 6+ Trap gag

Level 8 Cogs

  • 1 Level 6+ Trap gag

Level 9 Cogs

  • 1 TNT (110-180 Damage)
  • 1 Organic TNT (110-198 Damage)
  • 1 Railroad

Level 10 Cogs

  • 1 TNT (132-180 Damage)
  • 1 Organic TNT (132-198 Damage)
  • 1 Railroad

Level 11 Cogs

  • 1 TNT (156-180 Damage)
  • 1 Organic TNT (156-198 Damage)
  • 1 Railroad

Level 12 Cogs

  • 1 Organic Railroad


  • The Railroad does 195 damage, which makes it the strongest Gag in the game. The Toontanic comes second with 180 damage.
  • Trap has the lowest carrying capacity of all Gags. For example, Toons can carry three of any Level 6 gag, except for TNT; only two TNTs may be carried at a time.
  • In order to get experience points for Trap, the Cogs must be Lured into the Trap.
  • An Organic Railroad inflicts 214 damage, making it the only Gag that can destroy a Level 12 Cog on its own.
  • If two or more Trap gags are used on one Cog simultaneously, they will "cancel" each other out, disappearing in a cloud of smoke.
  • Trap is the only gag track which has a perfect Accuracy rating. While it cannot hit without the aid of Lure, which has a low chance of hitting, Trap gags themselves will never miss when activated.
  • When using Lure and Trap in the same round, the Trap gag will appear before it is laid down, prior to deploying a Trap gag, or indicate signs to which the Lure gag will successfully lure the cog into the Trap.
    • Banana Peels, Marbles, and TNTs will have its respective model in the middle of the battlefield.
    • When throwing a Rake, the Rake will be thrown backwards and will flip itself over.
    • Quicksands will have the flat side facing the cog.
    • Trapdoors will have its hinges facing the right..

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