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This page contains information relating to something which has not been released on Toontown Rewritten. Be cautious when reading, as there may be misleading information or spoilers!

True Friends

True Friends, commonly abbreviated as "sf" or "tf", is a feature that allows players to talk to each other using words not included in the SpeedChat Plus dictionary/whitelist. The True Friends feature in Toontown Rewritten was once only available to a select group of staff members, but it is unknown if that is still the case. In many scenarios, such as the AMA Livestream on February 15, 2016, the team discusses how True Friends will most likely never be implemented due to moderation issues.[1]


If True Friends were to be implemented: In order to activate it for two Toons, one of them must select "True Friends" in the Toon menu after clicking on their partner, followed by the "Generate a True Friend Code" button in the window that shows up on screen. They then will generate a code that will appear in the window. The code must be shared in real life or through a website that allows any form of communication, such as social media and the IRC. The other Toon, after receiving the code, must also select the "True Friends" by clicking on their partner or another Toon, and select "Register True Friend Code" in the window. They then need to enter the code in a box that shows up and click the "Submit" button. If the code is real, the two Toons will appear on each other's friends list if they were not regular friends already, and the name tags of the two Toons will appear blue on each others' screens.


  • When the feature was first introduced in Toontown Online, the feature was known as "Secret Friends". This explains why the feature is commonly referred to as "sf".