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The Twig Rod is the first Fishing Rod, which the Toon has when created by Create-A-Toon. It costs 1 jellybean per cast, and can catch fish from 0 - 4 pounds in weight. Its successor is the Bamboo Rod.

Catchable Fish

The following table is organized by genus.

Name Location(s)
Balloon Fish Anywhere
Hot Air Balloon Fish Anywhere
Red Balloon Fish Toontown Central
Weather Balloon Fish The Brrrgh, Punchline Place
Water Balloon Fish Daisy Gardens
Clown Fish Toontown Central
Sad Clown Fish Toontown Central
Circus Clown Fish Toontown Central
Party Clown Fish Anywhere
Star Fish Anywhere
Five Star Fish Minnie's Melodyland
Shining Star Fish Anywhere
All Star Fish The Brrrgh
Peanut Butter & Jellyfish Anywhere
Grape PB&J Fish Anywhere
Crunchy PB&J Fish Daisy Gardens
Strawberry PB&J Fish Donald's Dreamland
Concord Grape PB&J Fish The Brrrgh, Donald's Dreamland
Cat Fish Anywhere
Tabby Cat Fish Daisy Gardens, Estate
Siamese Cat Fish Elm Street, Daisy Gardens
King Crab Anywhere
Old King Crab Lighthouse Lane, Donald's Dock
Amore Eel Daisy Gardens
Electric Amore Eel Daisy Gardens, Estate
Nurse Shark Minnie's Melodyland, Toontown Central, Daisy Gardens
Clara Nurse Shark Minnie's Melodyland
Florence Nurse Shark Minnie's Melodyland
Puppy Dog Fish Toontown Central, Donald's Dock
Hot Dog Fish Donald's Dock, Estate
Dalmation Dog Fish Donald's Dock
Cutthroat Trout Toontown Central, Donald's Dock
Captain Cutthroat Trout Donald's Dock
Scurvy Cutthroat Trout Donald's Dock
Moon Fish Donald's Dreamland
New Moon Fish Donald's Dreamland
Crescent Moon Fish Donald's Dreamland, Lullaby Lane
Devil Ray

The Brrrgh, Donald's Dreamland, Toontown Central

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