Gag up unite

A Toon using the Squirt gag-up unite

Toons of the World, Spend Wisely!
―A Toon using a Jellybean unite.

A unite is a SpeedChat phrase obtained by completing the Chief Financial Officer boss battle. Unites have the ability to restock gags, heal laff points, or give jellybeans. They can only be used once and only affect Toons within a short radius of the Toon using the phrase. Mata Hairy will reward a random unite after the Chief Financial Officer is defeated.


The rewarded phrase may be any one of those listed below. Mata Hairy will also say the rewarded phrase shortly after the victory dance; regardless of whether it is actually desired.

"Toons of the World, Toon-Up!"
10 Toon-up
20 Toon-up
40 Toon-up
80 Toon-up
Max Toon-up
"Toons of the World, Gag-Up!"
Gag-up Heal
Gag-up Trap
Gag-up Lure
Gag-up Sound
Gag-up Throw
Gag-up Squirt
Gag-up Drop
Restock All
"Toons of the World, Spend Wisely!"
100 jellybeans
200 jellybeans
350 jellybeans
600 jellybeans

Special phrases

Phrases which cannot be obtained by defeating the Chief Financial Officer are listed here.

Phrase Availability Phrase text Obtainability
Spooky Surprise Halloween "Skeletoons of the World, Trick or Treat!" Spooky bean bags


  • Jellybean Fests, commonly known as Bean Fests, are events which often include Toons using unites to give jellybeans.
  • The rewarded unite after the Chief Financial Officer battle is completely random.
  • If a restock gags unite is used, only the strongest gags a Toon has will be restocked, excluding level 7 gags.
  • A toon-up unite can be used in the middle of a Cog battle, meaning you are able to prevent yourself from going sad in case of low laff.