Wedding Cake battle
Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake Icon
Basic information
Track: Throw
Level: 7
Accuracy: Medium
Base accuracy: 75
Affects: All Cogs
Minimum damage: 120
Maximum damage: 120
Organic boost: 132
Carry capacity
Minimum: 1
Maximum: 1
Preceded by:
Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

Succeeded by:


Skill points gained:


Skill points needed:

500 to Go!

Sound files
Throwing (before a hit):
AA throw wedding cake
AA throw wedding cake cog
AA throw wedding cake miss

The Wedding Cake is the level seven Throw gag. After obtaining this gag, the throw skill points meter switches to the "500 to Go!" meter, earning Toons another Wedding Cake once the 500 points mark is reached. The Wedding Cake cannot be obtained in gag shops, and Toons can only use it once before having to earn another 500 points or collecting the gag in their garden to obtain another.

It was first used by Flippy during Doomsday to defeat the level 50 skelecog boss, the Director of Ambush Marketing. It is the last gag in the Throw Gag Track and is preceded by the Birthday Cake.


  1. After choosing the gag, the Toon will take out the Wedding Cake and throw it at every single Cog in the battle with one motion.
  2. Each tier of the cake will separate and hit an individual cog
  3. If the gag misses, the Cogs will jump to the side and the Wedding Cake will disappear. If the gag does not miss, the Cogs will be hit by the cake with a large yellow splat (if the gag is about to hit, a short melody would be played before throwing).
  4. All the Cogs in battle will be destroyed or return back to normal.


  • Rocky is a 5-star SOS Toon who uses a Wedding Cake that deals 132 damage, which is the same as an organic Wedding Cake.
  • During the Toon-torial, Clerk Clara shows a sneak peek of a 100-damage Wedding Cake in the trolley's gag shop.
  • The Wedding Cake is the only gag that signals whether it is going to hit or miss before it approaches the Cog(s).