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Whole Cream Pie battle
Whole Cream Pie
Whole Cream Pie Icon
Basic information
Track: Throw
Level: 5
Accuracy: Medium
Base Accuracy: 75
Affects: One Cog
Minimum damage: 36
Maximum damage: 40
Organic boost: 39-44
Carry capacity
Minimum: 3
Maximum: 7
Preceded by:
Whole Fruit Pie

Whole Fruit Pie

Succeeded by:
Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

Skill points gained:


Skill points needed:


Sound files
AA pie throw only
Dem mighty nice!


The Whole Cream Pie is the level five Throw gag. It was first introduced to Toontown Rewritten in Alpha and was used by Flippy and the other Toons to battle the Cogs during Doomsday. It is preceded by the Whole Fruit Pie and succeeded by the Birthday Cake. This gag is a stronger counterpart to the Cream Pie Slice. Once a Toon earns 6,000 skill points, he/she can carry the maximum amount of this gag and earns the Birthday Cake.


  • When Flippy's election stand appeared for the Toon Council Presidential Elections, a wheelbarrow full of whole cream pies appeared. Toons could take the pies by running up to Flippy's election stand.
    • These were replaced by the Birthday Cakes on Sir Max's birthday.
    • Flippy's stand returns every year for ToonFest events.
    • Flippy's stand returned again when he found Barbecue Headquarters.
  • Flippy shares his love for Whole Cream Pies by making International Pi(e) Day a reality in Toontown.
  • Whole Cream Pies are using during the final stage of the Vice President battle.
  • Unlike its weaker counterpart, the Cream Pie Slice, this gag is not covered in cream. It also shares its texture with the Whole Fruit Pie and the Cupcake.
  • In one of Minnie's Melodyland ToonTasks, a Toon is required to deliver this gag to Cleff in Notations Office Supplies.
  • The cupcake, whole fruit pie, and the whole cream pie have similar models but the sizes of said models are different.


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